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About Cyntox



Cyntox provides reliable, cost-effective medical waste disposal service. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the quick, reliable service you have come to expect from your medical waste hauler with the peace of mind that you are not paying more than your neighbor, and that your waste is being properly disposed of.

Our disposal services for medical and biohazardous waste is a solution for major hospitals, small providers, laboratories, physician practices, dental clinics, long-term care facilities, veterinarians and an extensive array of businesses and healthcare providers that generate sharps or potentially infectious material.

Possibly the best part about Cyntox is our ability to customize your plan according to your needs. As your practice grows, we can grow with you and will work diligently to make sure all of your medical waste removal needs are met. Even if you are downsizing, we will work with you on a more affordable plan. Our goal is make sure our clients are happy with our service and stay within the compliance of all governing bodies!

With 24-month fixed pricing and a 90-day trial, we establish solutions that disrupt industry prices and commitment structures. With Cyntox, there is no risk, everything to gain, and nothing to lose-besides your medical waste. Fill in the request for a free quote to experience the Cyntox Solution today.



Maximize efficiency of our operations, there is no ceiling on improvement and we don’t plan to build one


Create a safe, regulation-compliant customer experience


Establish growth opportunities for our clients via softer pricing and industry know-how.


Maintain an honest, transparent dialogue in every interaction


Manage expectations