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How Much Does Medical Waste Disposal Cost?

The most frequently asked question we hear from medical professionals and staff members is “how much will medical waste disposal cost?” Our answer is always the same—it varies. There is no one price for every client. What we can tell our potential customers up front is what variables go into the final cost. The good news is once the rate is assessed, it won’t suddenly spike due to hidden fees.

So what goes into the formula for determining the cost of your medical waste disposal bill? There are three major factors and some minor ones.

1. Volume
How much medical waste are you generating? That is a factor in determining the cost. In this case, more is better. It will cost you less if you are generating a high volume of medical waste than if you only fill your receptacle about once a month.

2. Location
What state are you in? Each state has its own regulations about what constitutes regulated medical waste (RMW). For example if you are located in California, their definition of RMW is going to be different than Arizona or Rhode Island. So the price will vary based on different state regulations. Cyntox, which has locations in 44 states, is familiar with the regulations in each state and can keep you compliant with your local regulations.

The second consideration is, are you in the city, a suburb or a rural area?  If you’re in an urban area chances are the medical waste disposal company has several clients on your route already and so adding your practice to the list won’t be a big deal. If you are located in a more remote area, however, it is going to cost more because A. the truck will likely be going out of their way to get to you, perhaps even making a special trip and B. the cost of fuel will be higher.

3. Frequency
Like with volume, the frequency with which you have your medical waste picked up will affect your price. The more frequent the pick-ups, the less it will cost. That being said, make sure you are not having your bins picked up half-full. Just like with so many things in life, you need to find the happy medium between having your bins picked up promptly and not getting over-serviced. A good medical waste company can help you make an assessment of how frequently you’ll need to schedule pickups based on factors like average RMW volume.

In addition to these top three factors, there are a few other variables to keep in mind.

4. What kind of waste are you generating?
Are you generating pharmaceutical waste? How about trace chemotherapy and pathological waste? These kinds of wastes are generally treated separately and so may affect your grand total.

5. Does your staff require training?
Companies like Cyntox offer clients BBP Training to satisfy the annual OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens requirement on exposure control principles and practices. There’s also Hazcom Training, which satisfies OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, and HIPAA Training, which satisfies the HHS privacy requirement. Adding these trainings to your bill will affect the price.

6. What is the quality of the medical waste management company’s customer service? And what about the drivers—are they reliable, safe and punctual?
Companies that offer top-notch customer service with easily accessible representatives to answer your questions, as well as excellent drivers with top-notch safety records, will cost you a little more in manpower but will provide peace of mind.

Just like with any service, you get what you pay for. Medical waste disposal is not an area where you want to go with the cheapest provider! You could end up with a medical waste management company with insufficient insurance in the event of a truck spill. Or you may find that the cheap company isn’t making frequent or consistent pick-ups or isn’t versed in your state’s regulations. You also need to be on the lookout for companies who offer a cheap introductory price but then toss in a lot of hidden fees that you only discover six months down the line and already roped into a contract.

7. Why Cyntox?
Although your costs are affected by the variables above, you can be assured that Cyntox does everything it safely can to slash your rates. And once your rate is determined, you won’t be surprised when you actually get the bill. Our invoices ALWAYS reflect the agreement you signed. We will never pull a bait-and-switch on you by unexpectedly raising the price.  There is no fine print in our contracts and we offer a 90-day, commitment-free grace period so you can try us out and make sure we fit your needs before signing anything. Besides the service fee, the only additional fee is a 10% fuel charge fee, and if you are located in New York, Connecticut, New Mexico or Arkansas we are required to put a tax on your service.

It pays to do your homework and shop around, and we encourage you to do so. We are confident that once you do the math and compare what you’ll get for the price, Cyntox will be at the top of your list.