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Transparent pricing, no deceptive contracts: Our concierge service model has revolutionized medical waste disposal across the US. And that’s just the start.

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Biohazard solutions are traditionally a low-touch service: no direct contact with support agents, vague pricing, and unnecessarily complicated payment terms with no one around to explain them.

At Cyntox, we know that you didn’t go into business or healthcare to sweat about compliance. So we’ve built our services with high-touch support, transparency, and contracts that protect you, too.

With our robust, there-when-you-need-it expert service, you’ll free up all the time you used to spend worrying about compliance & medical waste. And if you’re anything like our 15,000+ clients, we think you’ll get used to our untraditional approach pretty quickly!

Sol Fried, CEO & Founder

Solving for
safety & security.

When it comes to safety, there are no second chances. We’ve designed an airtight process to ensure that compliance is easy for your team, saving time for everyone. Our compliance experts keep you up-to-date on regulation updates on national, state, & local levels.

Treating waste

Our cutting-edge treatment facilities treat waste using modern, eco-friendly methods. When it’s safe to do so, refined waste is recycled or converted into energy. Managing our own treatment process also helps us keep costs down — and we pass those savings on to you!


Meet our changemakers.

Sol Fried
With over a decade of industry experience under his belt, Sol founded Cyntox with a vision that drives long-term goals and directs company strategy. The Cyntox values — transparency, premium customer service, and fair pricing — drive Sol’s passion and continuous expansion.
Jay Liberman
Jay manages day-to-day operations, overseeing company personnel, vehicle fleet, permits, and documentation. His lean operations approach and dedication are key factors in Cyntox’s revenue growth. Jay has 20 years of experience as Director of Operations at various corporate companies.
Hudi Strickman
VP of Sales
As VP of Sales, Hudi works closely with the sales team, training them to minimize traditionally drawn-out sales processes and seek out personalized interactions that lead to more customer relationships — the cornerstone of the Cyntox experience. Hudi’s success is evident in our partnership with over 20,000 happy facilities.
Jo Delloiacovo
Executive VP | Technology & Regulatory Affairs
With over X years of experience in the medical waste industry, Jo’s vast and deep-rooted expertise is parallel to none. Responsible for establishing medical waste compliance processes across Cyntox’s workflow, Jo ensures that all treatment facilities are run at the highest level of compliance, surpassing national regulations and recommendations for optimal outcomes.
Matt Kasper
Plant Manager (Newton Plant)
As plant manager for the Cyntox Newton treatment facility, Matt organizes, directs, and manages treatment operations, maintaining quality and regulatory standards across national, state, and local requirements safely and effectively.
Demarcus Teamer
Plant Manger (Indianapolis Plant)
Demarcus is responsible for directing day-to-day operations at the Cyntox Indianapolis treatment facility, meeting and exceeding national, state, and local regulatory requirements efficiently.
Kaitlyn Orost
Onboarding Manger/Client Relations
As onboarding manager, Kaitlyn sets up new accounts, streamlining processes, educating customers, and coordinating internal functions so every new partnership is set up for long-term success.
Momi Tuato’o
Dispatch & Logistics Manager
As logistics director, Momi goes the extra mile to find solutions for customers and work out logistical issues on the fly. Momi also provides training to our customer experience team, equipping them with first-class communication and rapid problem-solving skills to effectively address customer needs and keep everyone in the loop.

Very happy that we
changed our medical waste
management to Cyntox.

Very happy that we changed our medical waste management to Cyntox. Their service is consistent, pricing very competitive and they are so timely with any special requests. Definitely recommend them to other medical practices.

Kathryn Reed

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