Medical Disposal Services
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Medical Disposal Services

End-to-end medical waste disposal. Concierge service every step of the way.

Don’t let your medical waste sit. Cyntox is licensed to pick up, track, and treat your medical waste, cradle to grave. Along the way, you’ll receive 100% personal concierge service and guaranteed low rates.

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We’ll sweat the small stuff. Our compliance team will make waste management recommendations that minimize safety risks throughout the process.

Free Safe Receptacles

Proper medical waste receptacles ensure that infectious waste doesn’t leak and spread. We’ll provide these receptacles – free of charge.

Compliance Training

To prevent dangerous injuries — and costly fines — compliance training is essential. Get affordable, online and on-demand courses with Cyntox.

Medical Waste Disposal

Blood soaked materials/bandages

Materials contaminated with bodily fluids

Tubing or lines containing blood or fluids

Culture dishes, glassware, & used gloves

Regulated medical waste, also known as biohazardous waste, biomedical waste, infectious waste, “red bag” waste, and RMW, tends to be highly infectious. Generators of this waste are required by US law to fully dispose and treat it in a manner that is compliant with strict OSHA regulations.

As your waste management partner, we take full responsibility for what you dispose, how you dispose it (in marked containers), pickup & transport, and, finally, the treatment of the waste. Our fully licensed compliance experts will ensure that there are zero compliance or safety risks throughout the process.

Who We Serve

From small treatment centers to multi-branch laboratories, our customizable medical waste solutions serve every business size and sector.

Large Quantity

Long Term Care Facilities
Surgical Centers
Dialysis Centers

Weekly pickup or more
Medium Quantity

Blood Banks
Ambulatory Care
Plasma Centers
Oncology Centers
General Practices
Urgent Cares
Veterinary Clinics
Funeral Homes

Biweekly or monthly pickup
Small Quantity

Beauty Salons
Tattoo Parlors

Bimonthly, quarterly, or on-call pickup

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Cyntox is all-around fantastic

Cyntox is all-around fantastic — great service and extremely reliable. The electronic manifests keep everything running smoothly and they are always available for communication. If you’re looking for biohazard disposal, I highly recommend Cyntox!

Matt A.
BP Environmental Services

Switching over to Cyntox is a real relief

Switching over to Cyntox from our previous medical waste company was a real RELIEF. They are always reliable and are phenomenal about communication. Cyntox is the fastest in the market and pricing is excellent too.

Yartiza Dejeses
ACV Enviro

Highly recommend Cyntox to others

Wonderful company to work with. Our sales rep is very responsive and Cyntox is very competitive with the market. I would highly recommend Cyntox to others!

Patrick Hart
Edge Insights

Hassle-free and painless

My medical waste disposal experience with Cyntox was hassle free and painless.

Robin Higbee
Barrette Outdoor Living

Service is consistent, definitely recommend

Very happy that we changed our medical waste management to Cyntox. Their service is consistent, pricing very competitive and they are so timely with any special requests. Definitely recommend them to other medical practices.

Kathryn Reed
New Windsor Family Medicine

Amazing service, competitive pricing

We’re very happy with Cyntox. They have amazing customer service and very competitive pricing. They have been communicative and responsive from the very beginning!

Shlomo Heller
New Jersey

Getting started was straightforward

Hudi at Cyntox was extremely informative and made getting started very straightforward and very quick. It’s clear to me that this company really cares about providing great service. They are reliable and pricing seems to be very competitive.

Derek Holt
New York

We can rely on Cyntox without worry

Can’t say enough good things about Cyntox. After switching from another disposal company, it’s been a relief to be able to rely on Cyntox without worrying about when they’ll show up. Add straightforward pricing to that and we couldn’t be more satisfied.

Madhuri Patel

They’ve come through for us time & time again

Cyntox has come through for us time and time again — whenever we need early pickups or schedule changes, they’ve been immediately responsive. Very professional team and I’m always impressed with their reliability.

Eliana P.

How It Works

Meet modern medical
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1. Setup

Select a recurring pickup — or just try us once! Once onboarded, your personal concierge will reach out. We’ll send you DOT-approved waste containers free!

2. Access

You’ll get a login to our portal so you can track your waste and view the manifest. View your monthly pickup schedule here, too.

3. Pickup

2 days before pickup, we’ll email your facility a reminder. On pickup day, our drivers will show up on time and fill out an electronic, trackable manifest.

4. Transport & Treatment

Our cutting-edge treatment facilities treat waste using modern, eco-friendly methods. Every part of the process is OSHA-regulated.

5. Scheduling & Changes

Need to move up your date or schedule an emergency pickup? We’re there in 3 days or less. You can call or text to schedule anytime. (Automated system coming!)

6. Billing

Straightforward, transparent, simple: you won’t get billed until after a pickup. For reoccurring pickups, control your frequency for ultimate cost-effectiveness.

Setup takes minutes, not months.

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What is medical waste and how is it different from my general trash?
Much of the waste generated at healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, dental practices, blood banks, and veterinary hospitals/clinics, as well as medical research facilities and laboratories, can be medical waste, and it needs to be disposed of in a special. Scroll up on this page to learn if the waste in your facility falls in one of the medical waste categories!
What is RMW?
RMW is an acronym for Regulated Medical Waste and also referred to as biohazardous waste. It is trash that has been contaminated in a medical or research facility and needs to be treated and disposed of properly to prevent the risk of infection.
What is a sharps container and what goes inside of it?
A sharps container is a specially made container to hold all medical waste materials that has the ability to puncture skin. This includes but is not limited to; needles, syringes, lancets, suture needles, scalpel blades, butterflies, vacutainer tubes, phlebotomy needles, capillary tubes, catheters for IV and other uses, dental anesthetic carpules with blood, or any other sharp object contaminated with blood. It’s important to ensure all infectious sharps go straight into the designated sharps container to prevent the spread of diseases.
What is a red biohazard bag and what goes inside of it?
A red biohazard bag is the place to put all non sharp items that have contagious fluids on it. Standard office and household waste should not be placed inside the red bag. Please note: Hazardous waste, such as gas and pesticides, needs special treatment and shouldn’t be discarded with the biohazardous waste.
What size are your boxes that you can use to store sharps containers and red biohazard waste bags?
The standard size box is 4.5 cubic feet and can hold up to 30 gallons of waste. We also carry a variety of tubs, barrels and containers for all our customer’s individual needs.
What is the weight limit on the boxes?
The boxes can hold up to 55 lb of medical waste. It is best practice to keep the boxes within the legal requirements.
Do you provide medical waste boxes and red biohazard trash bag liners?
Yes, we provide boxes and red bag liners free of charge and you can place whatever sharps containers you have and red bag waste into our boxes.